Okada Tools Thread Scissors

40,00 50,00  TAX not included

Thread scissors made in Japan for Okada Tools. Forged in one piece and of the highest quality … and above all … forget about going behind the thread to be able to cut it … the thread does not slip down the blade of these scissors.


Made for Okada Tools by a factory in Japan that was founded in 1912. Currently, the third generation craftsman maintains the production of scissors with his wife.

Forged from a single piece. Cuts the thread and does not slip on the blade.

Regarding the length: 105 mm.

Scissors that do not pass final inspection are not shipped, so there is not much stock, but the product is the highest quality.

As for the care method, I try not to cut anything other than the thread, and also apply oil regularly to prevent rust.
Since the sharp edge is delicate, it is recommended to make a case, etc. made of leather, the blade can be re-sharpened.


Additional information

Weight 35 g
Dimensions 12 × 35 × 1 cm



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