“Hollow” Pricking Irons

Our Hollow French style Pricking Irons are made of Japanese Hitachi steel and hand-polished teeth, which allows you to punch and pull out the leather without complications and with a perfect finish.

You can purchase the pricking irons that best suits your needs, or make your own custom set.
We have up to 10 different spacings, different spaces between their teeth to get your desired stitching. You will find the regular or inverted stitch option.

The multiple spacings available at Leather Artisan Lab makes it an essential and adaptable tool for all leather leather worker who want to get the best results in their leather works.

Discover all our Hollow French Pricking Irons and/or create your own customized pack.


French Style Pricking Irons
-Single Units-

Customise your Pricking Irons set