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OKA Factory cutting surface

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Cutting board made to suit the pricking irons and chisels hardness, as well as all kinds of cutting tools.


Made by OKA Factory (Japan), the cutting board it is made to suit the pricking irons and chisels hardness. Also doesn’t bounce when you use it. Less bumps and swelling marks when using it so less transferring to your leather. You can use with a light touch and punch correctly so you can sew smoothly. It’s the best match for pricking irons and the sharpness of the punching tool will be prolonged. You can, of course, use the Cutting board for knives and/or any other cutting tool. If you are getting troubled with bumps and swelling marks on the board after using it a long time, you can refresh the surface of boards with a hot iron and parchment baking paper. By putting the paper on the board and ironing it, this will close the holes on the board and flatten the surface. You can also
refresh the board surface with a small metal roller. This method can’t close the holes, but it will flatten the surface. This is an easy and quick way to help you enjoying leather craft more with these boards.We have diferent sizes:

XXL: 40 mm x 300 mm x 30 mm.

L: 300 mm x 200 mm x 30 mm.

M: 200 mm x 150 mm  30 mm

S: 150 mm x 100 mm x 20 mm.

Additional information

Weight 2 g
Dimensions N/A
OKA size

L (300x200x30mm), M (200x150x30mm), S (150x100x20mm), XXL (450x300x30mm)

5 reviews for OKA Factory cutting surface

  1. Henrik Hessbo (verified owner)

    A must for any leather crafter punching. I tried different materials prior to this and it’s a game changer. It’s a combination of soft and stiff when using different punching tools. Forks go thru a bit but it’s easy to remove, it doesn’t stick as cutting boards or similar boards. I went for the smaller, but if I would order again it would be a larger size for more flexibility.

  2. Ander Carbón Usubiaga (verified owner)

    Tengo la segunda mas pequeña y tengo intención de comprarme la grande.
    Creo que no podría dar una mejor opinión.

  3. RICARDO VAREA TAMAYO (verified owner)

    Artículo indispensable para cualquiera que trabaje el cuero. Es una tabla de corte mucho mejor que otras que he probado de otros materiales y no se incrusta el cuero en ella al usarla con los tenedores.

  4. Dagmar Roesseler (verified owner)

    Entspricht genau der Beschreibung.
    Tolles Produkt das die Stecheisen schont.

  5. SergioR (verified owner)

    Muy buen producto.
    Material estable. Rígido pero lo suficientemente blando para trabajar con los tenedores sin que sufran sus puntas. Con ella el cuero no queda marcado por marcas de pinchazos anteriores, como ocurre a veces usando superficies de material con mayor dureza.
    La recomiendo 100%.

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