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Okada Tools Japanese Knife 30mm Straight

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Authentic Japanese blade from renowned leather manufacturer and craftsman Tetsuya Okada, Tokyo, Japan.

Made of Hitachi steel; Aogami super steel.

30mm straight Tsuchime type blade that comes sharp and ready to cut and skive all kind of leathers.

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Tetsuya Okada quote:

“The artisan bag makers I worked for sharpened knives many times a day.
The teacher was left-handed so I set up a slightly shorter table on the left side of my workbench and placed the whetstone on it.
If it gets a bit dull, sharpen it several times. I remember that.
Not everyone can do that, so we ask you to use super steel blue paper, which has an edge that sticks to leather and has a long blade.
There are two types of surface finishes, hammer and satin finish.

After consulting with a blacksmith, trial production was repeated for several years. Actually, for a while, it was completed and sold, but after that I was not satisfied with the type of mass production and stopped selling.
I asked the blacksmith to re-prototype and honestly it was a tough time.
I asked him later, but he went through how to do it and had a lot of trouble, especially with the backing of the sheet.
I feel the attitude of working tirelessly and patiently in getting things done, and the commitment to work. “

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 18 × 3,6 × 2 cm

Left handed, Right handed

1 review for Okada Tools Japanese Knife 30mm Straight

  1. Arrenbrecht Karin (verified owner)

    Finally I found a skiving blade that works for me. Easy and effortless. Arrived in perfect condition sharp and ready to use.

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