Xiange Twist Polyester Twisted Thread Pinks

9,00  TAX not included

Three-strand twisted polyester thread, lightly dry waxed, so that no wax residue remains.
It has a specific resistance to friction and abrasion.
Round in shape, it is ideal for hand sewing any leather item.
It is visually very similar to linen thread but you can finish it off by burning the ends and it has a better grip on stitch tension than the vast majority of synthetic threads.

These are waxed threads, but if you are sewing longer lengths we recommended to apply beeswax for a better performance.

We are adding this range of threads so if we don’t have the colour or thickness you are looking for, don’t hesitate to write us and we will bring it to you. You can also click on the “notify me when available” button and leave your email so we know about it and can add your desired colour and thickness.


XIANGE is the ultimate luxury polyester thread. It is exceptional for hand stitching but also can be used on a sewing machine.

With special treatment, it looks like linen thread and allows the user to finish their product by burning the ends.

Consisting of 3 polyester twisted filaments and due to the high temperature and high pressure dyeing environment, its colour will not fade.

A unique dry wax treatment is evenly applied , so there is no extra floating wax. The thread is round, smooth and waterproofed. It is given a very light waxing that allows it to be used on a machine but still has enough wax for hand sewing.

Environmentally friendly dyed & produced.

Ideal for highend leathercrafts, saddles & harnesses, athletic equipment, denim materials, automotive Interior or any heavy duty projects.

Sólo la bobina normal viene con la pegatina del león y la caja de papel.

Diámetro (aprox.) Longitud (metros/carrete)
15#(0.60mm) Regular: 60 | Grande: 180
20#(0.52mm) Regular: 80 | Grande: 240
25#(0.45mm) Regular: 100 | Grande: 280
30#(0.38mm) Normal: 120 | Grande: 360
35#(0.30mm) Regular: 160 | Grande: 480
Disponible en 5 grosores diferentes y 84 variedades de colores.

* El color puede diferir ligeramente del producto real.

100% Premium Waxed Polyester
Perfect for Leathercraft, Sports & Denim Materials etc.
Regular Spool Size: Diametre 3.4cm | Height 4.5cm.
Large Spool Size: Diametre 5cm | Height 7cm.
Presented on grey coloured environmental friendly. recycle plastic spool.

Test Passed: SGS; RoHS; EN71-3
Tensile Stretch: 9.8~26.9 lbf
Colour Fastness: 4.5 Marks

Continuously evolving and Made in China

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 8 × 3,5 × 3,5 cm
Thread thickness

#15 (0,60mm), #20 (0,52mm), #25 (0,45mm), #30 (0,38mm), #35 (0,30mm)

Thread color

ML0025-Sakura, ML0026-Pale Dogwood, ML0027-Living Coral, ML0028-Pink, ML0029-Rose Red, ML0030-Magenta, ML0031-Deep rose


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