Paring-Skiving Knife

140,00  TAX not included

Fantastic design with no wood on the bottom so you can lower the cutting angle even more than usual.

Custom made by the factory with the 60º angle on the blade as I personally requested (traditional paring/skiving knife cutting angle), as that angle allows you to have a better perform while skiving allowing you to cut accurate, a wider area and you can still keep the tip of the knife resting on the cutting surface.

Available for right and left handed, 90º straight version available too.

Hand sharpened at the factory and I personally give each knife a final sharpening (mirror finish) here at the Leather Artisan Lab workshop for an excellent cut right out of the box.

To keep this knife always sharp my advice is to always have a strop with polishing paste close and give the knife a touch up while you are working.

If you see that it has lost some edge or you need more precision, I advise you to use Matador Wet & Dry sandpaper or a sharpening stone minimum 2000 grit (I personally use 5000 or 6000 grit).

You should run the knife at the correct angle and always run the edge in the right direction,never against the edge. Every 10 or 12 times you do this  you should run the knife 3 or 4 times over the back side of the blade (also never against the edge) to get rid of the burr.

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Blade angle: 60°and/or 90º. Left handed version available.
Steel Thickness: 3.4mm at the handle, down to 1mm at the bevel
Handle material: Dessert Ironwood (Olneya Tesot)
Total Weight: 390 grs box included. (Knife 140 grs)
Dimensions: 3cm wide, 19cm long
Steel: Damasteel RWL34, heat-treated by BOS

RWL34™, a martensitic steel with exceptional properties.
Its design guarantees strength, hardness after hardening and purity at all times; It is particularly resistant to corrosion; The cutting edge is maintained over time, and the quality of the cut does not weaken; It is easy to work, grind and polish.
The alloy composition is as follows: Carbon – 1.05%, Manganese – 0.50%, Silicon – 0.50%, Chromium – 14.0%, Molybdenum – 4.00%, Vanadium – 0.20%.

What is BOS heat treatment?
Heat treating is the process used to impart special qualities to metals and alloys (hardness, strength, ductility, etc.). When heat and subsequent cooling are applied to metals in their solid state, the physical and structural properties (but not the chemical composition) of these metals are changed.

Additional information

Weight 390 g
Dimensions 24 × 6,5 × 4 cm

60º – Left Handed, 60º – Right Handed, 90º – Straight


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