Hero’s Leather Cream

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Hero’s Leather Cream, handmade in Germany for leather finishing and maintenance, based on pure beeswax with natural almond oil, coconut fat and castor oil. Perfect for natural leather finishing and maintenance.

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Warning: Everything you apply, wear and/or use in the care of your leather goods is at your own risk. If possible, test everything first in an inconspicuous area!

Many leather care products you can buy today often contain ingredients and active ingredients from petrochemicals or are of synthetic origin. Some of these substances can permanently destroy the structure of the leather.

However, there are still enough high-quality products, regardless of whether they are new or old, that they deserve good care.

This balm consists of pure beeswax with natural almond oil, coconut fat and castor oil.

Before applying a leather care product, you must first clean the leather. Dust and light dirt can be easily removed with a damp (not wet!) soft cotton, linen or microfiber cloth. Remove larger dirt with a suitable brush or scraper (without sharp edges). The use of a special leather or saddle soap may be helpful. A pure olive oil soap, such as Aleppo soap, can also do a good job. In either case, you should lather well so that dirt can be removed from the crevices and reliefs. Then dry the leather well. For drying, do not place near heaters and/or ovens, nor dry with a hair dryer or hot air dryer

The leather becomes brittle and hard and is destroyed by heat. Then even the best care products will no longer help.

After everything is clean and dry, you can apply the care product. We recommend a soft cloth or a small brush like you used to use to clean shoes. Allow time for the care product to penetrate, ideally overnight and at room temperature. If necessary, re-polish with a soft cloth or brush. I always recommend using horsehair brushes. Plastic bristles are sharp and scratch the surface of the leather.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how often the leather needs maintenance. There is no panacea. This depends on many factors: use, degree of soiling, wet or dry environment, etc. Every leather is different and reacts differently. Always think about your leather. Too much wash, cream or oil is just as harmful as too little. It is best to trust what your hands feel.

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